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How a Porsche 914 shakes off an El Camino SS on the Highway.

Many of us remember their first time driving a Porsche. Automotive artist David Coax has vivid memories of his encounter with a real muscle car while driving a Porsche 914. Here is his story;

Back in the States I had driven two different 914s.  Living in Montana back in the early '80s, such were very exotic.  I went with a friend that owned one on an extended day trip on a lonely interstate of the state.  On the way back home the friend allowed me to drive as he rested.  In a canyon section the road became, for us in the states, very tight and windy.  Suddenly a late sixties El Camino SS started to come up upon us.  At this point my friend was asleep, so I started applying more gas.  At a hundred and twenty - what would that be two hundred kilometers per hour - about as fast as the little car would go, we would pull away from the big muscle car with no problem.  And the little Porsche felt as if it was nailed to the road, nothing like anything I had ever driven before.  I would again get to drive one that had the bigger engine and was quite impressed with the added acceleration.

Porsche Art by David Coax

A bright yellow 911 with a targa type roof acrylic painting. Porsche Art by David Coax

Porsche Art by David Coax

Pencil drawing of a 356 with again a 911 in the background. Porsche Art by David Coax

 The little Porsche felt as it was nailed to the road.

David Coax shared four examples of Porsche art with us.  This is a coloured pencil that he had done nearly twenty years ago.  It’s an old convertible that sits beside a barn with a lot of junk scattered about, including two Coca-Cola signs.

Porsche Art by David Coax

Coke - Porsche Art by David Coax

Porsche Art by David Coax

Pencil drawings of a 911 Carrera with two VWs in the background. Porsche Art by David Coax

Read my interview with David Coax and see more of his work by visiting his website.

Marcel Haan

Marcel Haan

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