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The Porsche paintings of Andrew Kitson. Speed and Drama.

Andrew Kitson Automotive Artist

Mark Webber, Porsche 919 Le Mans 2014. 91x71cm Donated for auction to help a children's hospice, the winner paid £6000 GBP

Andrew Kitson's mission as an artist is to show the speed and drama of the sport. As a frequent guest to the race tracks he has met drivers like Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Jackie Stewart. They all own car paintings done by Andrew.

Andrew Kitson Automotive Art

'Perfect Pedro' Pedro Rodriguez, Porsche 917, Brands Hatch 1000km 1970. 51x41cm commission

Andrew likes to show the speed and a bit of drama in his pictures, so that when people look at his art they can actually feel the passion and relate to it.

Andrew Kitson Automotive Art

Peter Smith, Historic Rally 911 in Belgium. 61x45cm commission

Us race fans are very passionate about the sport and I want to try and bring out that passion in people.

Andrew Kitson Automotive Art

Zak Brown, Porsche 962C, Le Mans Legends race. 61x45cm, commission

Want to learn more about Andrew Kitson? Read the interview CarArtSpot did with him

On his website you will find all of his work.

Andrew Kitson Automotive Art

Jun Harada, Konrad Motorsport 911, Le Mans 1993. 76x51cm, commission

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