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Are you passionate about art and cars? Do you want to expand your collection of automotive art paintings? Are you searching for interesting, original car art and paintings? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

CarArtSpot is a unique platform that has been developed to connect people with a passion for cars. We want to be the spot where you can meet the artists, share their stories, and become inspired by their passion.

Helping Enthusiasts Get What They Love

We, at CarArtSpot, know car artwork collection is much more than a hobby. And that’s why we extend a helping hand to all those art lovers who need a piece of original artwork in their personal collection. Bringing art lovers and owners on the same platform, we give them a chance to order and sell car sketches and sculptures with ease and reliability.

We are building the largest automotive art community – do you want to be part of it?

How Paul Chenard uses a laser for his art

By Marcel G. Haan 10/18/14 12:06 PM

Paul Chenard is an automotive artist based out of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. An incredible storyteller through both his writing and his art, Paul’s passion for motorsports and motorsport history bring a unique edge to all his work.

Paul Chenard

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Luxury Toys For Men - The ultimate collection

By Marcel G. Haan 10/17/14 7:40 PM

What have a watch that resembles the V12 Ferrari engine, the Mc laren PI and shoes by Stefano Bemer in common? They are all made by passionate craftsman to the highest possible standards. Luxury Toys for men is a fine collection of exclusive products and services. A review by Marcel Haan at CarArtSpot.

918 Spyder PorscheClick to read the full book review.

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Robert Mittenmaier had the privilige to visit the Ferrari factory on invitation by Pierro Ferrari, Enzo's son, himself. In this blog he shares the story on how his car art was selected by Enzo to be published in his biography.

100th anniversary painting Ferrari

The 100th anniversary painting by Robert Mittenmaier.

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Creating art requirese dedication and bravery. Robert Mittenmaier, a successful and world-renowned automotive artist from the US has this dedication. But fame and  recognition doesn't come overnight. He quit his dayjob to follow his dream but then his first painting took him over a year. However he was determined to improve his skills and had the guts to contact Peter Helck, his role-model and the hero of automotive art and have Peter critique his work.

Robert Mittenmaier Back of Shelby's 1965

 Back of Shelby's 1965 by Robert Mittenmaier

Learn more about how he got his start in automotive art and became the protégé of Peter Helck.

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The art of the Formula 1 Race Car

By Marcel G. Haan 10/4/14 8:29 PM

In the foreword The Art of the Formula1 race car, Peter Windsor poses two questions for the reader, “What is art?” and, “Can a Formula 1 car be considered a piece of art?” Peter further discusses the design of Formula 1 cars as one where form follows function, praising the engineers for their innovation and determination to create a winning car. A book review by Marcel Haan at CarArtSpot.

Mercedes Benz W196

Click to read the book review.

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