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Grandma's Fire Engine Red Pontiac LeMans

'Marcel Haan

Grandma's Fire Engine Red Pontiac LeMans memoires. An essay selection by Marcel Haan of CarArtSpot.

I loved reading this essay and it brought back memories of my own grandma. She did not have a driving license and always took the bike. When she found one day that the road to her home town was changed into a highway, she just decided to take the highway with her bike.

Since there are so many great stories out there that relate to classic cars I will try to select the best of them for you.

Today I was contacted by a nice lady Bonnie Wolkenstein asking  if she could use the image of Etienne Carignan's painting of the red Pontiac LeMans for her blog. Her grandmother used to drive this car.

Fire engine red Pontiac LeMans at CarArtSpot

Fire engine red Pontiac LeMans

You can find the full essay at:

Over the last months I have heard many great car stories and will try to share these with you on this blog. Feel free to contact me when you have a car memory worth sharing.

Marcel Haan

Marcel Haan

Founder and Owner of CarArtSpot, blogger and entrepreneur. With a passion for people and art. Every week Marcel interviews leading automotive artist and shares their stories at CarArtSpot.

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