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An automotive artist working at Porsche – Gregory Whitt

Working for Porsche in the design department is a dream job for many. When Gregory Whitt read an article about Tony Lapine, chief designer with Porsche, he decided he wanted a job at Porsche.

Porsche Art by Gregory Whitt

A Porsche 959R in the garage preparing for Daytona 24 Hours. Porsche Art by Gregory Whitt

For one and half year he focused only on landing that job by creating an extensive portfolio and they finally hired him. In his working experience at Porsche, he remembers that they always designed for the future, not just for the here and now. “You can see that in the evolution of the 911; their styling design is always organic with no straight edges, always rounded and curved. Porsche design is truly a kinetic art form, beautiful to behold from any angle”.

Porsche Art by Gregory Whitt

A colour pencil rendering of a Porsche 944 Carrera testing at the Nurburing in Germany in 1980. Porsche Art by Gregory Whitt

Greg really enjoyed his experience at Porsche and the friends he made there. It was a great blessing and a dream come true. “Funny thing, I only have a few drawings that I did of Porsche, but plan on others in the future.”

Porsche Art by Gregory Whitt

A Porsche 959R in the garage preparing for Daytona 24 Hours by Gregory Whitt

Read more about his time with Porsche in our blog http://www.carartspot.com/car-art/artists/car-art-blog/interview-with-gregory-whitt.html

More of Gregory Whitt's work can be found on Vintage Racing Cars.

Marcel Haan

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