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A Ferrari 512s Romantic Sensation

Can you imagine the sensation of driving a Ferrari 512s? Nicola Wood adds a romantic feel to the Ferrari in her paintings. Only 16 Ferrari 512s remain in existence today. 

As a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, many have seen the work of Nicola Wood. Her realistic paintings have a sense of magic about them. Realism with a twist and often with unusual unexpected elements in the compositions, such as satin, leopard fur or highly reflective surfaces like water, steel and chrome which add a romantic feel.

This painting by Nicola Wood of the Ferrari 512s in its original condition, is one of the few which have survived today. The most were either driven beyond their useful life, crashed or written off and only 16 Ferrari 512s's now remain in existence. This Ferrari was built for the N.A.R.T. at the request of Luigi Chinetti and was driven by some of the best drivers in that period. Guys such as Posey, Rodriguez, Bucknum and Gregory. A wonderful piece of Ferrari racing history.

Ferrari 512s by Nicola Wood

Ferrari 512s by Nicola Wood

This painting shows the Ferrari in an unusual setting, parked in front of what looks like a restaurant. But look closely at the reflections in the windows and how you can see what is happening behind you. Is that a Porsche 911 passing by?

And the flowers? A sense of mystique perhaps which get the juices of the imagination flowing.

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