Find art of the cars you love, hear the stories of  over 50 automotive artist and be inspired with their passion.

Did you know that there are over 500 artists in the world creating automotive art? Did you know that car art is the upcoming niche for art collectors. Over the last years Marcel Haan has interviewed over 50 automotive artists. From famous AFAS members as Tom Fritz and Nicola Wood, to upcoming artist like Brown Dog Welding and Stéphane Dufour they all shared their passion. In his weekly blog he shares their stories with you. At CarArtSpot we believe that these artist deserve a much larger audience than they have today. Our dream is that one day automotive art is being seen as fine art, that it can be found in musea and gets the exposure to the general public. To realize that dream we promote these fine people her at CarArtSpot.

While the majority of the artist are painting or drawing cars there is not limit in what we are sharing here. From sculptures to designers, from painters to writers, if they are creating art related to cars we will share it here.

Help us in promoting automotive art by sharing our site and posts with your friends. Help us to find new automotive artist and their car art by leaving a comment or sending a message.

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In our book review section you find the latest books related to cars. Many artists consider exclusive cars to be driveable sculptures. These books are often tributes to the designers and engineers, well written by passionate authors and completed with excellent photos and images.


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Every week Marcel calls an automotive artist, somewhere in the world, to interview him or her about their car art. They share the stories of their lives, how they got started, what inspires them and how they remain passionate about creating car art. They often share their vision on the meaning and purpose of art. And for the beginning artist they provide tips and tricks on how to get started and remain focussed  on creating car art. We have a seperate section on how to learn to create car art.