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Marcel Haan


About me

Born in The Netherlands I started studying precision mechanics after high school. Got my engineering degree and started in the medical device business. Moved into a management position at a start-up company and worked my way up the ladder. Participated in several online start-ups that eventually did not made it however they provided valuable lessons. A constant in all these endeavors has been connecting people with a real passion for what they are doing with likeminded people.

My vision on automotive art

As the founding editor of CarArtSpot I have been in the unique position of sitting down with the leading automotive artists as well as some top car designers in the world and uncover and share the secrets behind their success and their art. And they all seem to face the same challenge that their work is left unnoticed by the regular art scene and being positioned as nice illustrations but not as art. And maybe there is a reason for this, the first production vehicle is from 1886 and only after WWII cars became affordable. Nevertheless there are not that many objects that stir the same emotions as cars do. No wonder that more than 500 artists in the world are creating automotive art to capture this emotion in their works. My mission is to promote and position automotive art so that it receives the attention and respect it deserves.

Just a few of the artists interviewed by Marcel Haan and CarArtSpot include: Tom Fritz (AFAS), Nicola Wood (AFAS), Princess Vidita Singh, Michele Leonello (Maserati designer), Robert Mittenmaier and Randy Grubb (made Tank Car for Jay Leno).

When at CarArtSpot

The Tuesday evenings are the highlights of the week where I do the interviews with artists. The rest of the week is filled with generating and editing content for the website and social media, keeping up what is going on in the automotive art. But most of all I will be working on promoting automotive artists and their work. I believe that automotive art is fine art and should be recognized as such by the world.


When not at CarArtSpot

If you can’t find me walking the dog with my lovely wife Joke, you will likely find me helping one of my four daughters with their homework. Each Monday evening my home office is filled with music since I practice with my band Kiezel where I play the Hammond and do the lead vocals. On Sundays you will find me in church, often playing the piano.

And while I can’t turn CarArtSpot into a full time job yet I will be working for a medical device company as a senior director.

I am also the co-author on the book "How to buy old classic cars the right way" which is available here.

Get in touch with me

Chat with me at mghaan [at] carartspot [dot] com, or give me a call at +31 [0]6-5254 6940.

I am thrilled that you have taken the time to look around our site. Don’t forget to say hey.