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Artist Partner Program

Promoting art seems easy these days. With all the social media tools available, anyone can start a page or develop platform to showcase their works. This is a great start but with such an influx of pages, blogs, and web pages, how will you stand out from the crowd?  Promoting yourself and finding the right customers takes a time and specific skills.

With CarArtSpot I am building the largest source of car art information in the world and I can only do so with your help. My goal is to promote automotive artwork to the large audience they deserve using a variety of social media and inbound marketing tools combined with traditional media.  Many “car lovers” don’t even know that such thing as automotive art exists. I aim to build a community around your art.

So what is the Artist Partner Program?

It’s a free program for automotive artists. The process is initiated with an interview and blog development session. After that I would love to hear what you are working on and promote your work, news, exhibitions, awards, etc. through my blog. Any news related to your artworks is of interest to me.

Every now and then I receive request if I know an artist that can do a commissioned artwork of a car. I forward these request, to the artists in the program.

Interested in free promotion? Contact me or use the online submission form since I would love to hear your story and write about it.

Do you want to make (more) money with your art?

I offer you the opportunity to make money with your automotive art without having to deal with the marketing and sales hassle. You can continue doing what you do best, creating wonderful classic car art works while I promote and sell your work in the CarArtSpot webshop.

Are you interested in becoming a Artist partner? Please complete the Submission Form and I will get back to you within 5 working days.

Kind regards, 

Marcel Haan


+31(0)6 52546940

P.S. I use some selection criteria for this program and might decide that your artworks don’t yet fit this program. Maybe you are just starting with your art and are developing your skills. While I might not yet post a blog on you I would still like to be in contact and discuss how I can be of any help for you.


Want more information? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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